Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaning is a tricky task and our clients are familiar to this task. We use best & latest solutions. We protect your carpet and upholstery from pollutants like dust, bacteria, dirt and allergens. Our maids are well trained and highly qualified. Our maids use best method and make your Carpet and upholstery free from pollutants.

Window cleaning

Windows are crucial part of every building. We make sure that our maids have to clean your windows with proper safety and make free from both external and internal pollutions. Our maids have many years of experience. There are variety of tools required to clean it properly. We have all types of tools and our maids use up-to-date technology.

Lawn cleaning service

Our maids are well trained and expertise in cleaning the lawn. We will trimming your lawn’s trees and shrubs. We will re -defining the borders of the lawn and also re- edging and cleaning garden and flower beds. We want to make your lawn clean and green. Don’t worry ! We are here to take care of your lawn after you.

Domestic cleaning

Our maids clean your bathroom, bedroom, dining room. Living room, laundry room, and kitchen with effective and efficient manner. We must take care of everything. We will give you best service beyond your expectations and you will never disappointed from us. We must take care of your pets also.

Office and Commercial cleaning

Snowhite covers all offices in Hamilton. In office, we use variety of methods to clean it properly. We have latest tools and solutions. We can reduce the carbon footprint from your office. We use natural and safe products. We provide you pristine office.

Floor polishing and scrubbing cleaning

We have all type of machinery which will help you to make floors and marbles clean. The solutions make tiles/marbles free from germs. After the scrubbing and polishing, tiles/marbles looks new no matter what the floors condition is.

how can we help you?

When ever you need to clean your House, Office , Buildings we are here to help you 24/7 click on  contact us button.

Maids are well dressed and experts. Good job! They used best solutions and have good quality products.